Rapid Eye Technology

For Everyone and Any topic 

and/or issue!

Rapid Eye Technology, RET for short, is an amazing science that allows individuals to eliminate the negative behavioral, emotional, and mental patterns and beliefs that continue to show up in ones life. These beliefs can leave someone feeling depleted, discouraged, and even physically ill. 

RET enables clients to release emotions connected to the tragedies of life without the need for retelling or reliving painful events from the past. RET empowers individuals to live a happy and productive life. 

Rapid Eye Technology harnesses the power of REM sleep, the body’s natural release system, in a waking state. When using blinking and rapid eye movements with deep breathing, imagery, and stress reduction techniques, RET will facilitate the release of stressful emotional, mental, and physical patterns. 

RET opens up the neural pathways where memories of personal and inherited traumatic experiences are trapped. To further explain, for an example: memories like being trapped in the birth canal, trapped in a car accident, trapped in a relationship, or trapped in a job are all stored on the same neural pathway and RET allows access to this pathway.

Rapid Eye Technology is one of the most effective processes available to treat and overcome negative behavior, PTSD, pain, depression, anxiety, substance abuse/addiction, self-defeating behaviors, grief and loss, relationship issues, eating disorders, anger, sleep disorders, fear, phobias, and shock. Every issue that creates stress in the mind and body, can be addressed with RET.

Single situations or issues may be improved with only 1 session of RET but for lasting change it is best to do a series of 6 to 12 sessions depending on the issue that needs releasing.  

If you are interested in becoming a Rapid Eye Technician or doing further clinical research on the educational side of RET, please click on the school website: Rapid Eye Technology Institute  www.rapideyetechnology.com