What is Reiki

The awareness that an unseen energy flows through all living things and directly affects the quality of a persons health has been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times. This life energy goes by many names: qi in China, ki in Japan and prana in India. The ancient Hawaiians called it ti or ki. It has also been called orgone energy and elan vital, and science refers to it as bio-field energy.

When your life energy is low, it is more difficult to deal with stress; you may not sleep well, and your more susceptible to illness. When your life energy is strong your feel strong, can more easily deal with stress, and are less likely to get sick. Reiki is a technique that increases a persons life energy. 


Reiki energy allows muscles to relax and increases blood flow to treated areas, which in turn quickens the healing process. 

Practitioners and clients report help with stress, headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, sprains, and other minor conditions.

Occasionally, miraculous results are reported. 

Reiki also promotes psychological healing, including release of anger, fear, worry, sadness, and other unhealthy feelings and replaces them with self-worth, confidence and tranquility. 

Use in Hospitals

Reiki is becoming increasingly popular with the medical community with over 800 hospitals across the U.S and several hundred in Canada now too. A research study at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut indicates that Reiki improved patient sleep by 86 percent, reduced pain by 78 percent, reduced nausea by 80 percent, and reduced anxiety during pregnancy by 94 percent. In addition, nurses report that Reiki helps heal faster with less pain, reduces the negative side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and other medical procedures. 

How does the Practitioner do Usui Reiki?

The practitioner prepares a quiet room that is warm and comfortable. Depending on the clients' wishes, the option to have supportive soft music (free from lyrics) may be played and/or an essential oil stimulating the senses using one of many oils available to choose from.

The receiver is fully dressed and rests on a Reiki table (massage table) while the practitioner works over their body. A session can last a hour or a shorter session is possible as well. The Reiki Practitioner places his or her hands at locations around the head and shoulders, the abdomen and on the legs and feet. Tissue is not manipulated. The practitioners hands are simply held at each location lightly touching or slightly away from the body and energy field.  

Reiki energy flows from the practitioners hands and into the client's body and energy field. A Reiki session feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that surrounds and fills the client This includes feelings of relaxation, peace and well-being that also promotes healing. 

The body has seven spiritual centers which are called Chakras. The Chakras are the touchstone points the practitioner works over using Reiki hand positions. 

The energy of Reiki will connect to the Attuned Practitioner and client (receiver), then Sacred Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki), will locate the first place within the receivers body system, that most needs relaxation benefiting the receiver. The movement of Reiki is its own authentic ebb and flow and is continued to be shared over each Chakra.

Usui Reiki Healing Sessions and how much do they cost?

The session length is decided by the receiver. The practitioner offers the following options:

½ hour             $35.00

45 min             $50.00

1 hour              $65.00

Reiki Classes

Classes are available for those wishing to learn how to give Reiki sessions. Reiki is simple and easy to learn; anyone can learn it, and there are no prerequisites. Once you have learned, you can give Reiki to yourself or others. 

Usui Reiki Training Classes

There are four levels of Usui Reiki available for learning and here is a simplified summary:

1. Level One, (Shoden) Beginner teachings; developing spiritual and mental focus; techniques and meditations; hands on healing.

In short teaches the history of Usui Reiki and prepares the student to treat plants, animals and oneself with Usui Reiki. The certified class length is one full day of instruction. There are ignitions and placements. When the student completes their first level they may attend Reiki Shares. 

 2. Level Two, (Okuden) hidden or inner teachings; continued spiritual and mental focus; continued techniques and meditations; introduction of mantras and three symbols. 

In short, teaches the student how to apply Reiki on another person and become a Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner. The student learns Sacred symbols, receives ignitions and placements and practices Reiki on a classmate. They receive business practice forms and training on how to use them. The length of time for the certification is two full days of training.  

 3. Level Three, (Shinpiden) mystery teachings; continued spiritual and mental focus; continued techniques and meditations; mantras and one additional symbol. Also, receives ignitions and placements.

In short, is a Certified Advanced Reiki Training (ART). ART is generally taught at the time the mature Usui Reiki Practitioner is ready and interested in the advanced Reiki Program. This level can also be taught when the client is ready to complete their Level Four or Usui Reiki Master Level.

However, not all students wish to be Reiki Masters/Teachers. They still may take the Advanced Level Three Training as a next Level and receive Certified Level Three Status on its own merits. This training takes two days to complete. 

 4. Level Four, in short includes a three day training to become a Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. The Master Level includes ignitions and placements, learning the Master Sacred symbols. Also, how to train other students to successfully complete each Level of Usui Reiki Certifications. There is a Practitioners' Level and then Master Trainer Level. 


Pre-requisites: each level of Reiki requires the completion of the Level before it and proof of certification of Usui Reiki Levels.  Level One may begin at an agreed date during the consultation with Reiki Master Deborah Chester. 

A little more Information:

Usui Reiki Levels Three and Four have an extended criteria and their completion time depends on the individual Practitioners Holistic growth and maturity, comprehension, commitment, focus and ability to complete their studies, work assignments and practice hours. Some students are ready for certification in six months, yet others may be ready in two years from their Practitioner Level Two status. Reiki will bring the student to understanding and appreciation of this Sacred Lineage.

Reiki is Love and a Sacred practice. Deborah Chester, Master Usui Reiki Teacher honors the lineage as given to Dr. Usui and each certificate reflects that.

Students attend monthly Usui Reiki Shares and/or Circles and other forms of practice sessions to create like minded associations with other Usui Reiki Practitioners. Reiki becomes a lifestyle as "no man is an island unto himself."   

Deborah Chester, Master Usui Reiki Teacher, since 2007, provides clients with individual sessions/treatments and teaches and attunes students to all Levels of Usui Reiki.  

Contact Deborah to register for classes and/or contact me to arrange to come in for a free consultation:

Call: (204) 891 - 7839 or Email: [email protected]        

Other info sites are available in numerous websites to research Usui Reiki (just Google) or Your local Library has resources as does your local book stores.

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