Professional Development Workshop

Relax - DeStress - Release Now

This is an excellent workshop for caregivers employed as foster and proctor parents, medical staff, outreach workers, clergy, firemen, and service personnel in all industries. 

Participants learn effective skills that can be applied when one becomes stressed in the work environment. People who experience high Adrenalin in the stressful or traumatic work environments will have intense feelings about events that occur and because they don't release the feelings immediately, over within a reasonable period of time, they collect as cell memory. 

Once the emotional energy is held in our bodies, our minds will find a place to put it. We have two automatic reactions mentally and emotionally. The emotion goes into cell memory and the mental response is authentic upon each occurrence, depending on our past behaviors. These patterns are developed within the neuropathways in our brains. 

Once stress is released employees will re-focus on the duty at hand promptly.

It is a 3 hour workshop that includes:

  • An Educational Video showing the localized areas in our brain that process the input of our senses: what we see, hear and feel. It also describes how these messages process the information received. 
  • Three techniques that provide immediate relief from stress will be taught and participants will practice them during the workshop.
  • A positive principle which leads to a full program that assists participants to create new development of thought that can be applied to all other areas of their lives.
  • and more...

This workshop is interactive and a lot of fun. Your staff members can look forward to a workshop that will keep them awake, alert and refreshed!

Cost: $300.00 

Non-Profit: $150.00

Skills for Life

Skills for Life is a significant portion of each individual and customized Rapid Eye Technology Program. The principles that make up the Skills for Life fit perfectly within each session and includes an on-line workbook. The founder of Rapid Eye Technology, Dr. Ranae Johnson created the Rapid Eye Program which included these principles many years ago. They were referred to in more recent times as the Universal Law. Each principle is explained in a clear and concise manner with a written portion that leads each client to create new thought. The workbook is divided into segments to address one principle at a time. This workshop can be done on a weekly basis or in a full day workshop. 

All Relaxation, stress release and trauma relief programs, in the first 15 minutes of the session include an activity, from "Skills for Life." It is the cognitive part of the Rapid Eye Technology Program.

Skills for Life Program and Workshop

Skills for Life is also a Program within itself and can be taught in groups! The group experience is so much fun. Each week one of the Principles are introduced and includes interactive exercises to provide body learning along with the mind and emotional segments. It is delightful and thousands of Rapid Eye Technology Clients have attested to that! 

If you would like to have the Skills for Life Program facilitated by a couple of Rapid Eye Technicians' give us a call. We will enthusiastically be available to families and groups of all sorts; you won't regret it!

The following is the seven principles of the Skills for Life Program making up the Universal Law:

  1. Thought is at the beginning of all creation. Change your thinking, change your life. Energy follows thought. The "Thought" principle will place you on your way to creating the life you want! You will be surprised!
  2. Perception is our understanding of our world filtered through our experiences. Energy is just energy until a perception is put upon it!
  3. Choice & Accountability refers to being accountable for our choices in life. You may always choose again!
  4. Cause & Effect is the energy we send out which comes back to us multiplied. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  5. Abundance & Gratitude represents what we feed will grow. What we feed with "gratitude" will grow "abundantly".
  6. Health & Healing is essential for creating balance on all levels of our being. Listen to your body; "What is it telling you?"
  7. Harmony is the basic Rhythm for all creations. Follow your own intuitive "rhythm" to create a "harmonic" flow and connection with all things!

Option 1

For the self-learners, this program can be done without a facilitator by going to and finding the "Skills for Life" button. You can download the Skills for Life Workbook. 


We would enthusiastically facilitate your family, group/s of interest (children and adolescence too), church group, community center, and/or most organizations report an overall benefit through the enlightenment they receive, with creative communication. 

This format is definitely lively and fun because of the interaction shared within the group. There is a variety of exercises that provide an experience of body learning and expresses each Skills for Life Principle. 

This program is taught in groups for children, teens, or adults

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